DHCC Australia

a leading provider of
information technology services


DHCC Australia provides leading technology-driven business solutions to customers in Australia with our headquarters in Melbourne.
Our global delivery model provides cost effective world-class solutions, utilising outstanding local talent backed by vast global capability, in-depth industry knowledge and technical excellence.

Parent Company

While DHCC Australia is an independent company, we have access to all the resources of our parent company.
DHC Software, founded in 2000, is a publicly traded company based in Beijing, China, with over 7.000 talented staff.
DHC Software services the following sectors:
  • healthcare
  • government
  • finance
  • telecommunications
  • electricity
  • coal
  • petrochemical
  • transport
  • defense
  • insurance
  • science
  • education
  • manufacturing

DHC Software is CMMI Level 5 certified for software development and has a substantial track record and product catalogue in:
  • digital transformation
  • system integration
  • smart cards
  • banking systems
  • backup systems
  • information management
  • court systems
  • cybersecurity
  • data storage
  • eGovernment
  • electronic medical records
  • encrypted communication
  • traffic management systems
  • network flow analysis
  • infrastructure management
  • meteorological system
  • property management
  • hospital systems
  • water infrastructure management
  • windfarm turbine monitoring


In 2016, achieved A$1.27 billion revenue.

R&D investment

Continue to invest in R&D to enhance our competitiveness. In 2015, the R&D investment was A$176 million, approximately 16% of gross revenue.



We provide enterprise application solutions that power efficiency for your business.

Our team has the capability to tackle complex business issues using a diverse range of software solutions. Regardless of whether you are a start up wanting to develop new software to disrupt an established industry, or an enterprise organization looking to power efficiencies and build a robust IT strategy, we have the capability to support you.

We use agile methodologies to manage our work, focusing on independent quality control and close communication with customers and users.

Our global delivery model brings the benefits of flexibility, availability and productivity to your business.


DHCC Australia’s Business Intelligence capability brings data from every business unit, platform and system into one place, so you can see it all in context and start making better decisions.

With DHCC Australia’s Business intelligence capability, you can:

  • Spot trends at a glance with all your data in one place in real time
  • Instantly access BI insights with BI apps anytime anywhere
  • Build dynamic, intuitive visualizations to discover hidden insights
  • Get alerts when important metrics need attention


Digitalisation has invented new technologies that are so disruptive it is hard to see the full impact.

We want to be our customer’s business partner, and help your journey of digital transformation, looking beyond how things are currently done to how things could be done differently, often very differently. Digital transformation is the creative process of looking for technology-driven growth opportunities before your competitors find them.

Digital transformation is at a project level, a business level and an industry level.


DevOps is a leading software engineering trend, bringing business, development and operation teams together to streamline IT with more automated processes.

Our DevOps consulting services will help customers to react faster and gain a competitive advantage by unifying development and operations and automating processes to accelerate business innovation and meet market demands.


Cybercrime is now so big it impacts everyone with access to a PC or mobile device, and it impacts your business.

Do you know how cybercriminals are likely to attack your business and what you should be doing to maximise your chances of preventing an attack, recognising an attack and recovering from an attack? Our cybersecurity consulting service can help you with this.


Business systems need to communicate. There are heavyweight, slow ways of doing this, and there are lightweight, better ways of doing it.

Let us help you get systems integrated whilst avoiding the pitfalls.

Our Current Projects

Alibaba Australia

We supply and support cloud hosting infrastructure. Alibaba is the world’s largest retailer.

Ministry of Environmental Protection, China

We are supplying new cloud applications and a big data warehouse and analytics tools to manage environmental protection across China at the federal, provincial, city, county and industry levels.
These systems will be used by a million users with up to 10,000 concurrently.
This work forms part of China’s response to air and water quality management challenges, which will benefit the entire world.

Monash University, Melbourne

Monash uses the Program Monitoring and Reporting System to manage an annual capital works program of over $250 million delivered by a team of project managers.
The software supports work packages, schedule, cashflow, funding, PM and vendor performance analysis and resource management.
The system increases visibility, eliminates labour-intensive processes, enables consistency, management of projections and actuals and strengthens governance, risk and compliance processes.


Client Focus

At DHCC Australia, our customers come first. We respond to customers’ industry challenges, and understand their organizations’ requirements. We work with their customers and their partners, to exceed their needs and expectations by providing innovative value to their business.

Agile Methodology

We use agile methodologies to manage work, engaging customers and users and focusing on independent quality control throughout the process.

Global Delivery Model

Our global delivery model brings benefits of flexibility, availability and productivity to your business. By using the model, we bring to customers a center of excellence, improve time-to-market and enhance ROI and competitiveness.

Integrated Solutions

At DHCC Australia, we provide integrated capabilities across ICT with solutions that produce positive business outcomes for enterprises. Our solutions are catered to the business needs of customers.

Key Alliances

DHCC Australia has strategic alliances with key players in all segments to provide optimal services and outcomes.


Where are we?

120 Collins Street
Melbourne, Australia


+61 3 9225 5070


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